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The Tonebone Classic is a 12AX7 tube equipped true-bypass distortion that has been optimized for flexibility and tonal range. Following the vision set by Leo Fender in the 1950’s, the Classic is based on vintage overdrive sounds that started in the ’60s and ’70s and today remain some of the most sought after tones. With three drive settings, variable drive control and powerful EQ, the Classic lets you dial in the slight overdrive to high-gain saturation and everything in between. And like a real tube amp, when you turn your guitar volume down, the Classic cleans up naturally – without the noise, hum or buzz that is common with most other pedals. At higher settings, every note remains distinct. The Classic is so responsive and dynamic your playing style shines through! The Radial Tonebone Classic – the most dynamic and responsive distortion pedal ever!


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